Welcome to OTT Designer coats.
Purchased by Angelina and Kate in April 2013, OTT was founded a year before to satisfy a growing demand for individuality by women in New Zealand.  No longer did women want to wear bland and boring raincoats.  It was time to stand out of the crowd and show our true personalities.
We have been great friends now for over 25 years when we first attended school together.  Back then our main goal was to dress the same!  Same shoes, same jeans, same surfy top and of course the same hairstyle.  It seems only fitting that 25 years down the track we have purchased a company that stands for the complete opposite.

We were so attracted to these OTT Designer Coats and what they stood for that we simply had to be involved.

So now here we are, offering you the opportunity to purchase your very own OTT Designer coat and make your own statement in this world, one raincoat at a time.

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